How it Works

Healthcare that involves you,
and evolves with you.

Healthcare is jargon-laden, confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating at every step of the process, not to mention expensive! Qualifying for and choosing an insurance plan, sitting on hold, months-long waitlists, referrals, and surprise bills that continue for months after your visit – all of these factors prevent people from being able to budget accurately or plan for their healthcare.

That’s why we’ve streamlined everything and made it flexible: All-inclusive memberships starting at $125, a la carte services starting at $20. Lemon Health gives you access to providers who you can see and communicate with in a variety of ways, allowing you to take control of your health.

The Lemon Health way


Select a membership plan or book an a la carte appointment with a healthcare provider of your choosing.

Choose a payment option

Either out of pocket or via your insurance provider.

Show up

We can’t wait to see you!

What we offer


Make an appointment via our portal. These appointments are made 48 hours or more in advance. You can choose to speak to a provider over the phone, or via video call. If a provider deems you in need of additional attention, we’ll deploy someone into your home to assist with whatever you need. This is the same specialized, patient-first care we offer via Telehealth, but face-to-face in your home! That’s right - no lines, no waiting rooms, no doctors’ office smell. Lemon at Home is specialized care, brought to you.

Right now, Lemon at Home is available to patients who have either had a Home appointment previously or for whom a provider has deemed it necessary. Eventually, you will be able to book a provider and have them come to your home, without the in-between step of Telehealth. Trust us, we can’t wait to see you!


Our Texting service is available 7 days a week to our members. Access it here!

Urgent Care Centers

Our Urgent Care Centers are Urgent Care reimagined, with a focus on personalized care and accessibility to specialists. Keep an eye out for locations opening in New York! For now, access urgent care services via our Telehealth platform. Go about this the same way you would an advance appointment - click here to schedule, and you’ll be placed in a queue.

What sets us apart

Never more than $150

Guaranteed. No matter who you’re seeing, when you’re seeing them, and what the reason is. Go into an appointment knowing it won’t break the bank. 

Comprehensive memberships

Isn’t this how it should be? We think your membership should cover the cost of the service you’re paying for, and created our tiered plans so you can take full advantage of your care. This means you won’t be paying extra fees on top of your membership, allowing you to have confidence in your coverage and accurately plan for your health. See our membership plans.

No extra fees (even for labs)

We’ve all been there: You walk out of an appointment, relieved at the low cost, only to receive a bill six months down the line. We know how annoying that is because we’ve experienced it! At Lemon, that will never happen. The cost of a service or membership includes your whole treatment.

Home Visits

This is one aspect of traditional medicine we think should return, and we’re the only ones doing it. Providers come to your home and can help with whatever you need. This is truly comprehensive, personalized healthcare on your terms.

Tiered memberships

Our three membership levels, as well as the option to purchase services a la carte, allow for maximum flexibility and backs up our patient-first approach. We want you to - dare we say it - enjoy thinking about and planning for your health.

Cash prices

Want to try us out before you commit to a membership? No worries. Contact us here to learn about our cash price menu, and make an appointment today, no strings attached. As always, our prices include everything associated with the appointment - no surprise bills.

It's really that simple.

Sound too good to be true? Learn more about our plans here or see our FAQ.

Want to talk to a real person? We get it – contact us here, we’d love to hear from you.