Who We Are

Preserving our health is preserving our culture.

Lemon Health, Inc. is an evolutionary healthcare movement.

We were tired of surprise bills, confusing (and never-ending) phone calls with insurance providers, and mind-bogglingly high costs for simple checkups. That’s why we created a platform that is truly patient-first, allowing you to customize and take full advantage of your care at every step of the way.

With Lemon Health, you’ll always know the cost of a service and what you’re signing up for beforehand, whether it’s a membership or an a la carte service. No surprises, no sitting on hold, and never more than $150 out-of-pocket. For real!


So what’s important to us?
Good question.

Real connections with providers
When we talked to our friends and family, their number one complaint was that they didn’t feel listened to or that their providers spent enough time with them. At Lemon, our providers make getting to know you a priority, and will never make you feel silly for asking questions.
Being a
one stop shop
Anyone and everyone can receive specialized care, prescriptions, and general check-ups without the hurdles of health insurance, referrals, or months-long waits.
Allowing people to receive care regardless of proximity to providers via Telehealth and Home Visits.
Getting rid of the referral step
You can book a visit with a specialist of your choosing with no prior authorization or appointment.
Customization opportunities
Offering tiered membership plans so everyone can find something that works, regardless of employment status, insurance coverage, geographical location, or pre-existing health conditions.
and low prices
Providing specialized care that will never cost more than $150 per visit (as compared to the $600+ per visit that seeing a specialist in New York City can cost).
Taking over the clerical work
Calling your insurance provider so you don’t have to and making sure we know your coverage and options.
Easy and centralized user experience
Providing an easy and straight-forward booking system for appointments, account information, billing, correspondence with providers, and records.

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